The Practice of Direct Awakening Review

The Practice of Direct Awakening course

What is The Practice of Direct Awakening?

The Practice of Direct Awakening is a revolutionary technique for awakening
consciousness. Instead of waiting for a state of enlightenment, we can practice
being Awake and resting in our true nature. In this practice, we learn to
observe our mind and let go of it. When we practice this method, we become aware
of how our consciousness operates and how it functions predictably. Through
observation, we can step into this state of enlightenment.

The Practice of Direct Awakening course

During the course, you will learn how to meditate. You will have access to
course follow-up resources and practical materials. You can download the
materials at the end of the course. The Learn to Meditate Program consists of a
video tutorial, audio guide, and study guide. It is available in print and PDF
formats. Throughout the course, you will be guided through a series of exercises
to help you practice the technique.

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The course includes a pre-recorded audio recording of each module and
coaching session. It also includes downloadable resources, including written
practice guides and transcripts. The course costs $89.90 for a digital
E-learning course. The course includes three guided meditation audios and a
Module Overview Video. You can access all the materials you need to practice
Direct Awakening meditation. If you are interested in learning more about
meditation, the Direct Awakening website is an excellent place to start.

During meditation, you must remain aware of your awareness. You must practice
being present without letting your mind wander or holding onto your feelings.
The practice of being aware is the fastest, easiest way to enter awakened
consciousness. The Practice of Direct Awakening includes 3 accessible practices
to awaken awareness without achieving any special state of consciousness. When
you’re aware of awareness, you can unlock its liberating power and access its
expansiveness, even amid challenging emotions and mental chatter.

Eventually, you can begin to embrace the radical truth that you are not your
ego. You are limitless. Once you do that, you will become aware of your infinite
nature, which you have always been. It will free you from limitations and bring
you freedom. You will experience freedom and total fulfillment in the process.
It will feel like you’ve been able to open up to your true nature. So, start
embracing this radical truth and get ready to experience the benefits of direct
awakening. So, what’s stopping you from reaching the state of enlightenment?

The Practice of Direct Awakening is a systematic method for awakening your
mind and body. It is comprised of supplementary components, including gentle
yoga, breath work, and the company of other people who share your values.
Through meditation and hearing, listening, and studying, we achieve the marriage
of wisdom and compassion with our thoughts, actions, and environment. The
Practice of Direct Awakening is the path to the highest levels of human

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