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Workplace Equality Index

What is the Index

Welcome to Ireland’s annual Workplace Equality Index.

The Workplace Equality Index (WEI) is open to all employers and is the essential way to measure your organisation's efforts to tackle discrimination and create an inclusive workplace for your lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) employees. 

Building on the success of indexes internationally, Ireland's annual Workplace Equality Index will push top performers to new heights. Equally the Index will provide a new framework for thought and action for participating employers at the start of their journey.


For further information please contact wei@glen.ie

How does the Index work?

Evidence based, the Workplace Equality Index is a questionnaire which requires employers to answer questions and provide evidence on the following topics:

  • Diversity Leadership
  • Policies and Practices
  • Diversity Culture
  • LGBT Visibility
  • Diverse Business

Workplace Equality Index Awards

Once completed employers send their submission to GLEN for scoring, evaluation and feedback. Now in its third year, the WEI has updated its structure as organisations become more dynamic in progressing LGBTI inclusion. This change has come as a result of the evolving practice by WEI applicants and to celebrate those who are making the greatest strides in LGBTI inclusion in the workplace.

As such, the WEI 2017 will focus on celebrating:

Most Improved Index Score
Best Newcomer of the Year
LGBTI Advocate of the Year
Most Creative Diversity Culture Initiative.

The list of Best Places to Work for LGBTI Inclusion will have two streams this year; the public sector employers and the private sector employers.  


The awards will be announced at GLEN's Inclusion Works event on September 28th, 2017. You can book your ticket here

Submission Feedback

GLEN will provide individual report cards for each participant. Submissions will be returned to you on completion of all benchmarking work and independent feedback sessions are available free of charge to members of GLEN's Workplace Diversity programme (click here for more information).


GLEN will announce the recipients of the Most Improved Index Score, Best Newcomer of the Year, LGBTI Advocate of the Year and Most Creative Diversity Culture Initiative of the Year, as well as the list of Public and Private Best Places to Work for LGBTI Inclusion 2017 at the Inclusion Works event, held on September 28th, 2017.


Participating employers who do not receive an award or are not listed in the Best Places to Work for LGBTI Inclusion will not be named publicly without the employer’s consent. GLEN will not share any specific information or details of submissions with third parties. GLEN can sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements required.

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