About GLEN

GLEN is a Policy and Strategy focused NGO which aims to deliver ambitious and positive change for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people in Ireland, ensuring full equality, inclusion and protection from all forms of discrimination.

What we do

GLEN has worked on a broad range of issues since its founding including sexual health, mental health, physical health, education, community development, family and workplace equality. This work has been done in conjunction with many organisations over the years such as Government, employers, healthcare providers, policy makers, LGBTI organisations and human rights campaigners. 

As a non-governmental organisation, GLEN works to a multifaceted and comprehensive strategy for positive change for the LGBTI people in Ireland. GLEN aims to create an Ireland where LGBTI people can feel equal and included in all aspects of their lives, are free from LGBTI discrimination, and fully contribute in a creative and dynamic way to the social, political, economic and cultural development of Ireland. 


GLEN was founded in 1988, from which time has been committed to securing the legislative changes needed to bring equality to the LGBTI community in Ireland. From 1988 through to 1997, GLEN was a voluntary association, relying on the hard work and dedication of volunteers to achieve change. In 2005, GLEN became a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity. 

Over the years, GLEN has played a pivotal role in tackling the discrimination that was faced by the LGBTI community. The significant legislative progress has been achieved in tandem with GLEN’s focus on achieving inclusion for LGBTI people in every aspect of their lives. 

The Equality Journey

GLEN has worked for many years to ensure equality for the LGBTI people in Ireland. There have been many milestones along the equality journey which have led to positive change for the LGBTI community in Ireland. 

Some of the major milestones are listed below.

  • Ireland’s first Gay Pride festival took place (1983)
  • GLEN was founded (1988)
  • Foundation of the “Campaign for Equality” (1991)
  • Decriminalisation of homosexuality (1993)
  • Employment Equality Act (1998) changed to ensure employment protections
  • The Equal Status Act (2000) inclusion of prohibition of discrimination based on 9 grounds
  • The Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligation of Cohabitants Act (2010) to recognise civil partnerships of same sex couples
  • The Marriage Act (2015) to included same sex couples
  • The Gender Recognition Act (2015) to recognise self-declaration of gender
  • The Children and Family Relationships Bill (2015)
  • Lifetime ban of blood donation by men who have sex with men lifted (2017)

While there has been great progress along the equality journey, there are many more issues faced by the LGBTI community in Ireland that need to see the same positive change.


GLEN of People of the Year Awards

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