The following page provides links and downloads to GLEN resources and those produced by other organisations.

GLEN Resources

GLEN has worked with education partners (including the Department of Education and Skills) in producing a series of guidelines for Principals, deputy principals, guidance counsellors, teachers and all school leaders. The guidelines provide suggestions on how to support LGBT students and address issues such as homophobic bullying.

Other Resources

There are also a number of useful resources produced by other organisations available for use in schools which are linked to below


Department of Education & Science Anti-Bullying Policy Template

Includes reference to Homophobic Bullying. 2006.

More than a Phase: A Resource Guide for the inclusion of LGBT Learners

A Resource Guide for the inclusion of LGBT Learners in formal and non-formal education. Local Development Social Inclusion Programme (LDSIP), Pobal. 2006

Anti-Homophobic Bullying Safe Schools Campaign

A downloadable document created by the BeLonG To Youth Project & The Equality Authority, 2006

Stereotyping of Young People Resource Pack

Equality Authority and National Youth Council of Ireland, 2008

Out in School

A downloadable document that covers Talking about Sexual Orientation and Challenging Homophobia across the Key Stage 4 Curriculum.