Post-Primary Schools

GLEN works to support post-primary schools to ensure positive and welcoming school culture that repsects difference and diversity. Our aim is to ensure that all young people and particularly LGBT young people feel safe, supported and affirmed during their school years to achieve this we work with all the education partners and relevant civic society organisations. We provide resources, training and support to educational professionals.

Work To Date

GLEN works with all the education partners in addressing LGBT issues in schools and has dedicated many resources over the past decade specifically towards building capacity within the education sector to ensure schools are safe, supportive and affirming of LGBT young people. GLEN's approach has been to work with the Department of Education and Skills and all the education partners in the development of policy and good practice guidelines; much progress has been achieved through the contribution of this approach, of note:

  • GLEN was a member of the Working Group that produced the Department of Education Anti-Bullying Action Plan which led to the 2013 Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools. The 2013 procedures require schools to review their anti-bullying policies and to update them accordingly to include issues such as identity based bullying and specifically homophobic and transphobic bullying. The procedures also break new ground with the requirement on all schools (primary and post-primary) to document the education and prevention strategies that are aimed at preventing such bullying.
  • GLEN's collaborative approach has resulted in a series of resources and projects aimed at school leaders that have been endorsed and promoted by all the education partners, these include the following:

Collaborative Research Projects:

  • Primary Level - (to be completed Autumn 2016): Exploring the Implementation of Policies and Resources related to Homophobia and Transphobia in Primary Schools A partnership research project between University of Limerick and GLEN. The project is being funded by the Irish Research Council.
  • Post-primary level - (to be completed Autumn 2016): 'Taking the Temperature: Developing and Piloting an LGBT-Positive School Climate Evaluation Tool for Post-Primary Schools in Ireland' is a collaborative research project between the Anti-Bullying Centre in DCU and GLEN project. The project is being funded by the Irish Research Council.

Resources for Schools

2014: Respect: Creating a Welcoming & Positive School Climate to Prevent Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying. (INTO and GLEN).

2016: Being LGBT in School: A Resource for Post-Primary Schools to Prevent Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying and Support LGBT Students. Published by GLEN with the support of the Department of Education and Skills in associaton with numerous education partners, state bodies and LGBT organisations. This resource replaces GLEN's existing resources in relation to second level schools. Leagan Gaeilge le fáil anseo.
2012: Growing Up LGBT: A Resource for SPHE and RSE. Published by Department of Education & Skills, Heath Service Executive, GLEN and BeLonG To Youth Services
2011: Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students: The Role of Guidance Counsellors. Published by the National Centre for Guidance in Education and GLEN in consultation with the Institute of Guidance Counsellors.
2011: Including Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Students in School Policies: Guidelines for Principals. Published by the Department of Education and Skills, National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals and GLEN
2009: Supporting Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Students: The Role of Teachers. Published by the Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland, the Teachers' Union of Ireland and GLEN.
2009: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Students in Post-Primary Schools: Guidance for Principals and School Leaders. Published by the Department of Education and Skills and GLEN in association with ACCS, ASTI, IVEA (ETBI), JMB, NAPD, NPCpp, TUI.