Useful Links

This section provides links to organisations, including government departments, state agencies and NGO's, that provide information and other supports on civil partnership and other issues relating to legal recognition of same-sex couples and families headed by by same-sex couples.

General Register Office
The General Register Office, the government authority with responsibility for the registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships, has published An Information Leaflet on the Registration of Civil Partnerships in Ireland.

Department of Social Protection
The Department of Social Protection is responsible for social welfare policy and provision.

The Revenue Commissioners
The Revenue Commissioners (taxation authority for Ireland) provides information on the taxation implications of the Civil Partnership legislation.

Citizens Information
Citizens Information, the Irish eGovernment website of the Citizens Information Board provides a whole range of information relevant to LGB people inlcuding detailed information on civil partnership.

Department of Justice, Equality and Defence
The Department of Justice, Equality and Defence (previously the Department of Justice and Law Reform) was responsible for drawing up the civil partnership legislation and is reponsible for other important policy areas including equality, immigration and policing.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service is the government service that deals with asylum, immigration, citizenship and visa's.