New LGBT Guide for Mental Health Services

26 June 2013

At a GLEN seminar in Trinity College Dublin on Wednesday 26th June, a new guide for mental health services was launched by Patricia Gilheaney, CEO of the Mental Health Commission

The guide was developed by GLEN to assist the MHC in promoting, encouraging and fostering high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services to LGBT people. It should be read in conjunction with MHC publications such as the Quality Framework for Mental Health Services and A Recovery Approach within the Irish Mental Health Services (MHC, 2008).

There are also a number of guidance documents developed by Irish professional bodies for mental health professionals that complement this guide. These are available for download here and are listed in the Resources section of the guide.

GLEN would like to thank the Mental Health Commission for their invaluable support in developing and distributing this guidance for staff working in mental health services.

Below is a copy of the guide as well as presentations made at the seminar by Odhrán Allen, GLEN Director of Mental Health, and Dr Eddie McCann, author of the LGBT Minds study.

You can find more information on LGBT mental health including resources for professionals and LGBT people here

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Service Users: Guidance for Staff Working in Mental Health Services
    | 2493 kb | Download here

  • LGBT Mental Health
    | 1045 kb | Download here

  • LGBT Minds
    | 271 kb | Download here